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    Default So close to outta the woods😢


    Great news!! My Grand Gecko Uzi is a GIRL!! Which means...she has been eating and got a bit bigger so I could Actually tell!! Bad news🥺 Here in the last couple of days, she has turned a greenish yellow😭 What I read was not good, so I hope it was wrong. It said bacterial infection so here I am again after I thought I got my baby right...HELP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandGeckoUzi
    I wanted to give you an update on Uzi and also asks for your expertise yet again as it appears a new issue has arose. First off, I was so tickled when I was able to identify Uzi as a girl��, she is a Fiesty little chick!! She now has a healthy appetite and likes both crickets, which are her favorite over meal worms, but I dust them both and try to alternate so she doesn't get too spoiled. She is quite chunky now to the point I think maybe she eats too much��, and I don't think her belly should be so big. With that though, she �� s, regularly and is so quick, you gave to watch her. I have been giving her warm, treated baths and rubbing her tummy, just to keep things moving. Now, just when I think we're out the woods, she turns this greenish yellow�� the only thing I saw said, bacterial infection.Please tell me that's not it and if it is, HELP���� IM going to try and attach pics of her, but I don't have any that depict the color she is now. Again, thank you for helping me get her thus far!! That's my lil buddy❤
    Many thanks for the PM update on your recently ID'd female leo Uzi. I'm happy to hear that her appetite is healthy & her poops regular!

    I've never heard that a greenish yellow body is unhealthy. Leo's body patterns DO change as they mature. Greenish yellow poop is another matter!

    I don't think there's a way to attach pics to GU PMs. I may be wrong.

    From your top-down image Uzi's weight looks good. Uzi's tail could be a little thicker.
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