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Thread: morph thoughts?

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    Question morph thoughts?


    Decided to post this question again as a sort of update!
    Bought this guy at a reptile show in 2019, and I was a complete idiot and forgot to ask more about his morph from the breeder, and I forgot to grab their card XD

    He was listed as a Blood Sunburst, however I have been unable to find much information about the sunburst morph.

    The only info I have been able to find is from the Leopard Gecko Wiki.
    To my understanding, it is a line of hypo tangerines, do any of you guys have more info about these guys? How would this gene interact with other genes?

    pic without flash:
    pic with flash:
    when I first got him:

    Is this guy just a blood tangerine hypo?

    He is a VERY bright orange (the pics really donít do him justice) with only one spot on his body. He has some very small black spots on his lips, and his tail is spotted. He has grey eyes with dark grey veins running through them

    I might be crossing him with my white and yellow tangerine raptor girl and Raptor mack snow girl next year. What do you think I would get from these crosses?

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    Here is what I found about sunburst from the geckosetc site (404 (Page Not Found) Error - Ever feel like you're in the wrong place?

    "Sunburst Tangerine - Sunburst tangerine is our non het tangerine bloodline that uses the line bred hypo rather than the powerful dominant hypo gene that is present in most Super Hypo Tangerines. They date back to the original hypo tangerines that we got from Gourmet Rodent in 2001. They are not a uniform orange like most super hypos, but rather high contrast with mottled orange, yellow, and sometimes green. The Sunburst tangerine bloodline is beautiful on its own, and additionally has been very helpful to us when doing outcrosses where we want to add in color but want to retain the ability to keep the pattern (versus wipe all the pattern away with the dominant hypo gene)."

    You may want to contact this breeder to get more info. As far as what you're going to get with your crosses, I recommend listing the traits and figuring out the combinations on your own.

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