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    Exclamation Is this Impaction?


    Hello everyone,

    Iíve noticed recently that my leopard gecko has quite a small tail, and a slightly bloated belly. Immediately I began to worry about impaction, but then I realized that she isnít showing any of the signs of impaction: she has a big appetite, she poops regularly and she dosnít have a blue spot on her belly. Her tail is considerably small, but not stick-like, and she seems a bit bloated in her lower region. Is this impaction, or is she just overweight, or is she not storing fat properly? If you want picture of her or her enclosure I can post some, and here is some basic info about her:

    Basic Information
    Species of lizard: Leopard Gecko
    Gecko's name: ZoŽ
    Morph: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11 years
    Weight: About 3 oz or about 85 grams

    Enclosure dimensions (20 inches x 10 1/2 inches x 12 inches)
    Substrate provided: Eco Earth

    I use a heat mat that covers a third of the floor space.

    For the feeder crickets I supply various scraps of fruit and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, bananas, lettuce, etc.

    She is fed every 3 days (given food on the fourth day) and she has calcium (Repti Calcium by Zoo Med) and vitamin supplements (Herptivite with Beta Carotene)
    The crickets are dusted with calcium for three feedings in a row, and on the fourth feeding they are dusted with the vitamins.

    She is not acting sick at all, and has a good appetite.

    Gecko's total length: 10 inches
    Source: Previous owner
    Captive bred or wild caught: Captive Bred

    Number of hides: 2
    Location of hides: The warm hide is on the far left side of the tank, where the heating pad is, and the cool/ moist hide is on the far right side.

    The cool hide doubles as the humidity hide. I spray it down when ZoŽ begins to show signs of shedding.

    She has a water bowl in the middle of the tank, a couple of fake plants, a small calcium dish and fake moss in the cool hide.

    She has access to lighting from a nearby window.

    We live in a relatively warm climate, so we do not use a heater because the air temperature is already warm enough for the gecko. She has a heating pad that covers a third of the tank floor.

    The crickets are gutloaded with various fruits and veggies prior to feeding. (Crickets are her main diet)
    Every once in awhile I give her mealworms and wax worms, but these are not gut loaded.

    I use Zoo Medís Repti Calcium with D3, and the calcium in the tank is the same as the ones I dust on the crickets.
    Multivitamins: Rep-Cal Herptivite Reptile and Amphibian Multivitamins

    She is acting perfectly normal, with no increased or decreased amount of activity.
    She is a healthy eater and has a good appetite.
    She seems to have lost weight from her tail.
    Discharge from the eyes or nose: N/A
    Increased breathing rate or effort: N/A
    Change in the droppings: N/A

    Color: White
    Size of urates as compared to size of feces: 1/3 of the size to 1/2 the size
    Abnormal skin color or shedding: N/A
    Parasites on the skin or in the feces: N/A
    Weakness: N/A
    Regurgitation: N/A

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    You already have a thread for this: Leopard Gecko Impacted or not storing fat in her tail properly?!?
    Thanks LittleLeo123 thanked for this post

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