This is an album dedicated to my first Leo- a tangerine female named Firefly! She’s a diva- only coming out to greet me when she’s hungry and then waving her tail at me when she’s full. I got her from petco October 5, 2018 when she was almost full grown.
  1. D52570E6 6A21 4FB5 B5B8 46A3B52F70F4
  2. D887AE5A 7F01 476B 8D72 D90E7CA1BB4A
  3. F30F8776 D0BE 45BA 9F50 AB301CB8DCDD
  4. 7C84CD8A 6182 4879 8B75 DB9915B5A17F
  5. 5D3195D4 3A88 4F40 AD58 9A637DD58864
  6. C24022E6 1915 4595 B89F 8191C8005971
  7. 3A83A4F7 E6DA 4DF7 BD54 FC0615FD2036
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