So. . . I have been tossing around an idea for a while now, and I've decided to go with it. So one of reptile owners biggest problems is . . . other people. Other people who don't understand/accept/just behave civilly to us. I'd like to start a blog writing stories, but not from a person's perspective, but from their reptiles. Each blog post will be a medium sized chapter, and each different time I post a blog, it will be from a different reptile (I'm going to start with 5 different reptiles that I bounce in-between). I want to make it realistic (although for story telling purposes there will be some literary license), but the events throughout the owners lives will be told by the reptiles. All I need now are some ideas. I have plenty of ones to start with, but I'm trying to use actual experiences. I am only one person, so I'd like to ask my fellow forum members for any bad/awkward/unpleasant experiences with other people, or even other people and their pets. I will NOT be placing any personal information in the blogs, I will be changing names, places, dates, and times. Nothing will be traced back, and I will not use anything that is too personal. I'd just like some help... Anyone willing to participate?
Thanks in advance!