This middle-sized (SVL around 55-65mm, full length around 120 mm/6") species is from Paraguayan drylands. It is semi-terrestrial. A peaceful species, not too fast and mainly nocturnal.

This is how I keep mine: 40x30x40 enclosure for a pair (16"x12"x16"), substrate: fine desert sand on the warm end, the other half with slightly moist soil. Cork bark oak pieces on the floor as hides, cork bark tubes as climbing facilities. They love to stay under cover under flat, light rocks such as smoothed pieces of slate. A small water dish available at all times, night temps around 20°C, basking spot of 29-30°C, the rest of the enclosure during the day is at 25-26+C (80°F); heating and lighting ensured only from above by a standard, simple bulb from the supermarket. No UVBs. Some PVC tubes as additional hides and a few dry grasses and bonsai wood as decoration. As simple as that. They readily feed on small (1/4"-6mm) crickets. Got them recently (as CBB) so I have seen no mating so far. They are NOT common in the hobby though you can grab some here and there in Hamm or from people in the US such as Geitje. My pair comes from Gergö, a Hungarian breeder, a really excellent one. They do change color at times, from the light colors displayed on pics above to something a bit darker.

Anyone having questions, just feel free to ask, I'll do my best. As I said they're not at home for long.