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    Thumbs up Bearded Dragon Care (Pogona vitticeps)......Frances Baines, MRCVS -- 2017


    As of this article Dr. Baines has kept bearded dragons for 18 years.

    The Vivarium
    "Bearded dragons do need space and an interesting environment if they are to thrive. Pet stores often
    suggest that a 3ft melamine vivarium or even a 3ft glass tank such as an ExoTerra Terrarium will be
    adequate. I would strongly disagree. Young bearded dragons grow very rapidly – about 5cm a month! – and
    need as large an enclosure as possible. It is best to start with a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft vivarium. They are active
    creatures which love to climb; a much bigger vivarium maybe 4ft tall, 4ft wide and 3ft deep fitted with stout branches or shelves for climbing and basking, and hides for shelter on the ground, is even better.

    Alternatively a vivarium with a larger floor area but less height could be designed with a rock shelter /
    basking platform made of natural stone or wood, securely fixed for safety (not a “hot rock”-see later).
    If natural materials are not available, a simple shelf may be constructed from strips of wood. What is
    needed is a raised area for basking at a suitable distance (usually about 12 – 14 inches) below the lamp,
    and some sheltered areas (like “hides” or “caves”) at the cool end and also at the warm end.

    "A wooden or melamine vivarium with front-opening glass panels or doors is much more satisfactory than an
    all-glass tank or terrarium. Glass tanks allow heat to escape very rapidly through their walls, making it much
    more difficult to achieve a good temperature gradient. The all-round visibility also may make a dragon feel
    very vulnerable; they can never really understand glass, and being surrounded on all sides by an outside
    world, which it cannot hide from, could be very threatening for any animal."
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