Hey there! I know this isnít a frog forum but Iíve used it before for my geckos and I thought it would worth a shot to post this here, as I havenít found many active frog/amphibian forums. If anybody here knows of any that are good, Iíd really appreciate it! Iíve already tried Caudata but no responses as of now.

So, Iím planning on getting a Whiteís Tree Frog pretty soon! I have quite a few questions I wasnít able to find exact answers for by googling, and I wanted some advice from actual frog owners. This will be my first amphibian (I currently have a crested gecko and a leopard gecko), and I want to make sure I provide the best possible home for it. Apologies in advance if this is a lengthy post.

First off, as far as habitats go, I was planning on using an 18x18x24 Exo Terra as a base Vivarium. I know this is an adequate size for adult tree frogs, but Iím assuming the one I will be getting will be a froglet, and Iím wondering if that enclosure will be too large for froglets.
Iím also debating whether or not to use a bioactive setup. Iíve heard these frogs are kind of messy and that a self cleaning bioactive setup can be really beneficial, but I also know they can swallow loose medium easily and have impaction issues. Iíve been told paper towels are a good alternative substrate, but if I were to use them I obviously couldnít have any bioactivity. Thoughts on this?

Secondly, the frog itself. I was first of all wondering whether I should get one or two. I know they do fine on their own, but Iíve heard they also seem to really thrive with company. But if I were to get two, I assume they would both be froglets and thus unsexed. Depending on the frogsí sexes, would there be any issues with their cohabitation as they got older (unwanted breeding, territoriality, etc.)? I couldnít find much about this online. Also, can anybody recommend a good place to get healthy white tree frogs? Iíve heard Joshís Frogs is a good place, can anyone confirm? This will also be my first time receiving an animal online, and I was wondering, if I were to get two frogs (in the same shipment), would I have to quarantine them separately after they arrived?

Apologies again if this post is rambly, Iíd really appreciate any and all advice! Thanks!