This is my second leopard gecko alex. When i bought alex i bought him from a exotic pet store nearby from me and he was with other geckos. I let the usual 3 day period pass to let them be and let them get used to their new environment. After that, this gecko has straight up hated me. Never wants to go in my hand, blows his neck up like a frog at me, if i touch its back it arches it , touching sides it sides moves. So i practically have left him alone since i got him. I let him be. I am so sued to my first gecko shane letting me touch him pick him up with ease leaving him on my knee and jsut chill out watch tv. However, shane when i bought him , was already malnourished and was already sick ( bought him at petco and u know they sell you shit which actaully helps u kill them). So with alex it has been 2 years now or more. He seems to be possibly alot older like maybe ill give it 2 or 3 years ive had him plus 1 1/2 maybe. Now his behavior is ridiculous i tried to feed him calcium or vitamins on the tip of my finger it worked until he opened his mouth fully and tried to bite me. So then i was totally turned off. My parents have clened up after him alot more becuase im in school and work and tht he hates me sooo much i keep my distance. So lately my mom let the cage get out of hand. There were mutated meal worms that turned into beatles uner the rug, some crickets dried up and all and hiding under the carpet. and recently moved his big home vertically which may have blocked his poop spot , in the 10 gallon cage. When i walked by and saw this i flipped out. Ofcourse you may say that i am horrible but really i have helped and cleaned this pet alot of time when my parents failed. (He is our family pet). So I killed the bugs removed everything and Alex was just being weird. Like i said he lost weight, its like sometimes i felt like he was slow or something cuz there could be a cricket right infront of his face or a couple inches away and doesnt eat it. When he sees it sometimes he gets into that trance observing it and then snaps out of it. Yesterday he found the cricket after i took thecarpet out he grabbed it quick chewed on it. And then dropped him out only eating one arm and coughed up the crikcets leg. This cricket hopps away and i am just like wow. So i clean it up with water since he is very difficult to remove from the cage and all, i clean around him with some towels and just water to wipe everything down. I replace everything . As i put the extra carpet in, he gets into the mod of climbing against the glass and susually its cuz he wants out or he hates me this much he may want to escape. So i look and I see wow finally i know why your a male. bESIDE THAT there was alot of some dried poo or or maybe sperm? right under his vent and a bit covered inside by the vent.I said wooahhhh this neevr happened before. So i wanted to soak him or try to remove it myself. However it would be impossible becuase he hates me so much and would not go in my hand or let me flip him over or antyhing. So i try to soak him and put a little container of water in the cage and i try to get him to climb into it with the hamock mesh. Instead this little smart guy tries to push the container and squeeze his head between so i give up but his water inside i get a little lid and put soak bounty strips on it so maybe that will come off. And he then starts some more the cage climbing. he goes to his fresh new water and frantically climbs and climbs until he susally falls to the side. _-__- and im jsut like why???!?!? I saw some fell into his water dish and I put on the uv light. He goes and keeps blowing up his neck and is just pissed at me. I gave him some meal worms and some wax worms. Then i see him doing clawing at the carpet scraching at it for no reason and he has never done this before. He goes to one corner and claws it up and sticks his head under trying to go under and i intervene and he runs to other side. So i go leave him alone for a while and check up a few times. ABOUT 20 MINTUES LATER MY MOM COMES HOME AND SHE WALKS BY HIM AND I TELL HER HIS BOOTY IS clogged. She tells me after i jsut cleaned emmi, go look he left u a present. -___- he poops but its tiny and another chunnk off his butt falls off. By night i walk on by before he sees me and i see him on the cool side of the tank, with his tail curved and him licking his butt. 0.O Then he sees me and stops and starts blowing his neck again. I go hide aroudn the corner and he then waits and continues. I looked at that time and he handt touched not one worm in his dish at all. I go soak up the tank and he just scurries about. I dont know what to do . My mom says he hasnt eaten and he has lost weight. He didnt eat his food all the worms are there even today. And i havent seen him poop either. He isnt eating and his behavior is jsut getting worse. I really want him to like me and actually get to take care of him and all but i dont know what to do . I cant afford a vet right now , college students we are always broke, and i asked my friends friend who works at petco and has them and she hasnt even written back. I need mega help please. I know i need to give him a bigger tank and all mroe room . but to fix this issue and train him please someone anyone or if anyone knows a resuce or adoption place in ny near yonkers .. Something..

Substrate - 10 gallon carpet
Size of tank 10 gallon
Food crickets meal worms, and jsut introducing wax worms back to him.
One hide on the hot side and a hammock on the cool side.
Feeding dish is in the middle
Water in the right corner of the cooling side.

If anyone wants a pciture ill send it and of alex by all means i will get one and especually from what in his vent. Jusst someone help!>!>!>>!>>>>@>@>!