I have a pair. Not bred them yet. These geckos are from rocky outcrops in Southern Namibia, where temps vary considerably (from below 0C to above 40C) with morning humidity -light mistings are appreciated by this species. Their skin is quite fragile, so are their tails. These guys are VERY fast and shy, a bit like Phelsuma species though haackei are mainly nocturnal. I can see mine basking during the day from time to time. They are 6" to 8" in length (15-20 cm). They also love to hide under vertical cork plates. A diet of adult domestic crickets and small to subadult locusts seems to be perfect for them. I was told they might accept pinkie mice, but I never offered them any- they become quite fat if fed too often.

This is my pair in a box as I changed their enclosure's substrate: