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    Video of the weird swallow thing ...

    Video of the weird swallow thing

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    She looks uncomfortable..

    Species of lizard: Leopard gecko
    Gecko's name: Candy
    Morph: Tremper giant
    Gender: f
    Age: 4
    Weight: 110 grams

    Enclosure dimensions (length x width x height):24x18x18
    Substrate provided: slate...
  3. Thanks for reassuring me. I'm going to get a...

    Thanks for reassuring me. I'm going to get a fecal done just in case. She has been licking her bum a bit.
    The crickets are a mystery to me. They have rolls of toilet paper and other things to hide...
  4. Making sure everything is ok. Gecko not eating for 3 weeks.

    Gecko is a female about 9 months old. Got her about a month and half ago. She was eating like a pig from my hands for 2 weeks then stopped suddenly eating. She will eat one cricket every 4 days or so...
  5. Changing enclosures while not eating(ovulating)?

    We have had her a month and a half and was eating like a pig till 2 weeks ago when she started refusing food. She is very active and alert so I figure this is her first ovulation/puberty. We...
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    Slate plates serving platters ok?

    Hello. I am having a hard time finding nice slate or tiles I like for the bottom of my tank and came across really nice cheese serving platters made of slate and also coasters. Would there be any...
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