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  1. Male not taking interest in food- breeding season?

    I have a male sub adult Leo. Recently about 5 weeks ago he reguritated a butter worm and did not eat for a few weeks, while having diarrhea. during that time I had given him a bit of oxbow carnivore...
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    How much time should I give it before I should be...

    How much time should I give it before I should be worrying? I've never had a Leo regurgitate before so this is new to me. He still hasn't eaten or taken any interest in food yet
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    Leopard Gecko Regurgitate + diarrhea

    I'm very concerned about my male leopard gecko. He's around 8 months old. Last week I had fed him a butter worm as a treat. He ate it with no issues. He has a normal diet of gutloaded crickets and...
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    My gecko never leaves heat mat

    I bought a young female Leo about 3 months old. I've had her for about 3 weeks now. I'm a little concerned because she never leaves her hot hide. The only time she leaves is when I feed her and for a...
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    Trying to figure out this morph

    My fiancÚ purchased this young Leo as a pet. And we're both trying to figure out what type of morph she could be. As I haven't really seen something similar too it after researching.
    It wasn't from...
  6. I thinking of contacting the shop owner. See if...

    I thinking of contacting the shop owner. See if they were a new shipment. I asked for large crickets but the shop owner kinda just gave me an assortment. So there were really tiny pinhead crickets,...
  7. Crickets dying off fast: safe to feed?

    Yesterday I bought about 40 crickets for my leos. I purchased them from a new pet store I haven't been too yet, it was an exotic pet specialty store. I normally buy from PetSmart.

    I keep my...
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    morph opinion?

    Hi everyone,

    I bought this young leopard gecko about 5 weeks ago and am still trying to figure out what morph she is. She wasn't purchased from a breeder so her background information isn't known....
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