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  1. So I took a closer look at his/her eye and found...

    So I took a closer look at his/her eye and found that one eye is solid black while the other is 75% snake eye. Does this help in determining whether it is a Blizzard or a Blazing (I saw no red in the...
  2. What morph is my leopard gecko please help

    Please help me identify wait morph this baby is the person I got it from said it was a blazing but I'm not sure with its two solid black eyes. Also it hard to tell in the photo but she/he...
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    The first one I got from petco, I usually don't...

    The first one I got from petco, I usually don't go for the commercial pet chains but I saw all the Orange and had to have her.
    The next I got from a mom and pop pet store that I've always trusted to...
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    Please Help Identifying Morphs

    Hello everyone I have three 20-25 gram baby leopard geckos that I'm trying to identify any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  5. What morph would be a good breeding match?

    Hey guys I just bought a baby (unsexed) super snow enigma eclipse het tremper albino leopard gecko and I was wondering what morph would be a good breeding match for it. Of course it will not be...
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    2 new geckos, are my morphs right?

    So I recently got two baby leopard geckos, one from a breeder and another from a reputable pet store (not a chain petstore like petco). The one from the petstore told me it was a blizzard leopard...
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    New gecko need some opinions

    Hello everyone I would like your help again in identifying my morph of leopard gecko. I'll upload pics later but for now I only have a description. So I bought he/she as a blizzard leopard gecko but...
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    Is my leopard gecko gravid?


    I got this girl about 1 1/2 months ago and kept her and another female with my male because I believed they weren't old enough to breed. She was 38-40 grams but i didn't know...
  9. I keep a bowl meal worms in the cage constantly...

    I keep a bowl meal worms in the cage constantly which is eaten within 1-2 days and 3-6 crickets 1-2 times a week
  10. leopard gecko gaining weight too fast?

    Hello everyone I got a leopard gecko about 3 weeks ago and it has grown incredibly fast. Now I did buy her/him at a pet store and it's initial weight was 8 grams but she/he was not overly thin and in...
  11. Please Help Me Identify My Leopard Gecko Morphs

    Hello, everyone I currently have 5 leopard geckos but I am unsure of their morphs. I have done research to narrow it down but I would love to get feed back.

    My first Gecko, Sha is a definite male...
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    Hello Everyone :)

    My name is Ryhn and I've just recently adopted my first couple leopard geckos. I've used this site many times in the past and have now decided to set up an account.
    I'm unsure of the sex of my 3...
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