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    Leopard Gecko Laying Eggs - HD

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to share our latest video of one of our Tremper Albinos in our Pastel research project laying her eggs this afternoon!
  2. Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko UPDATE: Rarest and Newest Leopard Gecko Morph

    Some new updates for everyone today regarding the newest and most definitely very rare 'Lemon Frost' Leopard gecko mutation produced & established by Mike Layman of Gourmet Rodent. Geckos Etc (Steve...
  3. Basic Guide to Leopard Gecko Breeding and Genetics

    This is a basic guide to breeding leopard geckos and information about genetics that is required before starting your breeding projects. We teamed up with Leopard Gecko Talk to help answer a lot...
  4. Info on the Rare Pastel Leopard Geckos & Thoughts on Pricing/Breeding

    In this recent video we give an update on our research on the rare pastel leopard gecko genetics and provide some information for those who are thinking about buying them or may have already gotten...
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    Hydrophobicity and Leopard Geckos,

    This is a recent project we did about the hydrophobic properties of the leopard gecko's skin.

    Thank you for all your questions and the ongoing...
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    White & Yellow Contest Craziness!

    Pretty amazing unboxing experience to say the least!
  7. Our Largest Leopard Gecko Appreciating Some TV for Reptile Appreciation Day!

    Happy Reptile Appreciation Day from Fun With Life!!! Here is one of our largest Leopard
    Geckos, Einstein, appreciating some quality television lol

  8. Introducing "Ms.Frosty!" - Geckos Etc's Secret Weapon
  9. Yes, same here! I can't wait to see more...

    Yes, same here! I can't wait to see more examples of it in pure forms before it gets out-crossed. Very exciting to say the least! Thanks for commenting!

    Mic (
  10. New Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Morph Genetics Explained on Gecko Nation Radio

    Gecko Nation Radio Broadcast: Mike Layman of Gourmet Rodent discusses details on the lemon Frost Genetics.
  11. Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Pair go for $10,000 at Tinle Park NARBC Auction!!

    Gecko Etc Vs. JMG Reptile! Last few moments of the auction for the lemon frost leopard geckos. Check out the link below to visit the page with more...
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