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    Mourning Geckos laying eggs

    I have a mourning gecko who has a very large egg in her. I have some egg laying sites/tubes that I added to the terrarium. I am concerned that she hasn't laid yet. She's 6 weeks and a couple days...
  2. Thank you! I'm glad to be here. :) I already...

    Thank you! I'm glad to be here. :)

    I already feed one of Pangea's complete diets. My first Mourning is actually from Pangea. :) She is lovely and for the most part tame. She'll come right up to me...
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    Thank you! :D I am very happy to be here. And...

    Thank you! :D I am very happy to be here. And very excited to share with other passionate people. I'll post some pics soon!
  4. CGD: Pangea Fomulas and L. Lugubris

    Does anyone have any success/experience/thoughts on feeding certain Pangea CGD formulas to Mourning geckos?

    Specifically, any thoughts on the Breeding and Growth formula.

    I figure since...
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    Newbie: Here to Learn!

    Hello all!
    My name is TheLuckyMuffin. :)
    I'm here to learn all that I can about the care and keeping of reptiles.

    A bit about myself:
    I have 18 years of experience keeping fish and amphibians....
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