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  1. Downsizing geckos: please check this post

    Im personally reducing my pets Im hoping in finding new homes for Nep Aymae subspecies of Nep. aka knob tail gecko rough knob tail gecko I currently have two females and a male im looking for new...
  2. leopard geckos

    that albino leopard gecko is cool they come in so many different variations its crazy cool and addictive to collect them and care for them is simple and are pretty hardy animals :)
  3. Replies

    Hi little about myself

    Hi I work with Knob tail geckos nep. levis complex, Nep. Aymae ,wheeleri
    also some leopard geckos some dwarf monitors Pilbarensis , red ackies

    frog eyed scincus keyserii
    fish Frontosa...
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