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    Geckos and fish

    Goldfish in particular have chemicals inside them - or something like that - which makes them unsuitable for consumption. I feed my green basilisk feeder guppies and minnows from time to time and so...
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    Inside and outside

    I want to add that your ambient air temperature outside of the tank might also make a difference. Even if your UTH is working, it is only heating that part of the substrate directly on top of it. The...
  3. Peat moss is also organic

    Peat moss is also organic, isn't it? That should mean that it can be digested...I don't want my crestie to actually eat any of it, but I would think any ingestion would not be as much a cause for...
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    No heat rock

    Heat rocks are not good at all. They can be quite dangerous to your gecko because they can overheat. Please remove it and get a UTH...
  5. Moving the tank around

    Oh OK. That must have been it, then. I am not sure it makes much difference, though :)

    This is a relief. While I could still benefit from more expertise on the matter, I personally think this...
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    Nice morph

    Ohhh... If I ever get a crestie, I want a morph like that one. Or the reddich brown morph, whatever it is called :)
  7. Whoops

    Oh :blushing: Whoops. I saw Laura type "stolenmilkcrate" somewhere so I thought that was her channel. Sorry lauraleellbp...

    Yeah, I have read that elsewhere, too. I do this with my white-lined...
  8. Oh wow... I have always wanted a bearded...

    Oh wow... I have always wanted a bearded dragon... That second photos loks excellent. It is almost as if he was posing for you.
  9. Tank modifications

    Laura Lee!!! :D I know you from Youtube!!! Err...I don't actually know you but I have watched a lot of your are stolenmilkcrate, right? I subscribed to your channel (a long time ago)!...
  10. I might be getting one - OPINIONS WANTED

    Hello, I am back on the site. Around the time I left, I was having trouble with my dial-up connection. A while after, I got my old computer back and a wireless internet connection, so no more...
  11. R.I.P. Spike

    So sorry to read that. R.I.P. Spike.
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    Reliable? Perhaps. Longer lived? Probably. But whether they work the way you want them to or not is still in contention.
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    Thanks, Ethan

    Thanks so much for that, Ethan. I thought this was going to be another one of those Sand Taboo promotion threads. I use a coarse gravelly sand myself and have been for more than 10 years now, but...
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    They won't do that for me

    Lucky you. Neither of my UTH's will do that on their own. And I am supposed to find them useful for that? :shock: I think not...:?
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    CHE complications

    ...and the bottom of your tank? Where your lizards will be basking?

    That is why you are only supposed to use them with a ceramic ring socket embedded in the wall of the enclosure. That was why I...
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    Are ceramic heaters worth it?

    I have yet to use a ceramic heater myself so I don't feel that I can persuade you toward or against using it. For reference, though, the infra-red heat bulbs from Exo-Terra are supposed to last for...
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    Pepé mimicking dripping water?

    If that peeping sound I hear on some nights is Pepé, then I believe they can and do imitate other sounds. There is a leak in the greenhouse roof and we have a pail on the floor under it to gather the...
  18. Getting rid of slugs

    You might as well just pluck them off as soon as you find one. Eventually they will all be gone. I have heard that you can repel gastropods with salt but I am not entirely sure about that. It does...
  19. Good news

    Well, at least there was some good news. It was a good idea to seek out other opinions because now you have a better idea what can be done and what should be done to save your gecko. Thanks for the...
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    Reason for the diet switch

    It wasn't as much criticism as it was surprise and disbelief. I just had no idea why you would want to go through all the trouble of switching your tokay gecko to something that was not as good for...
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    Why not crickets?

    Why does he need to eat mealworms? Because they are easier to use? Crickets are nutritionally better and don't pose as many health risks. Read Ethan's stickied threads in this and the leopard gecko...
  22. Which lizards brumate, and how can you know?

    I have read about brumation and that certain lizards require it during the winter months. I also know that - being ectotherms - they slow down when temperatures get lower.

    What I want to know is...
  23. How can/do you feed your small terrestrial geckos?

    Right now I use clear glass bowls of various shapes and sizes.
    So far - aside from the two I always use for Pepé and Abuto - I have only used a couple of the larger bowls: one with a typical...
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    Trying bugs again

    Now that he is acting normally again, he should start going after bugs now, Give him some mealworms or legless crickets and see what he does. You may need to clean up the tank a little bit by moving...
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    How I feed my leopard geckos

    I don't typically feed mealworms to either of my leopard geckos, just as a last resort if they won't eat anything else. I would put a dozen or so in a plastic bowl and leave them there. I only did...
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