Greetings forum community,
I am currently finding a lot of free time for planing future research.
Since I am more focused on entomology, I was thinking about doing something more... "herpetologic". My idea was a co1-gene pased project on geckos, but which species?
It would have to be some species that is common, easy to get genetic material from and is based on phylogeographic terms interesting.
My idea: Lepidodactylus lugubris
It is common, everyone has them or had them at some point, there are some clone lineages that are fairly easy identified...

Now my question for all of you (and I want your opinion on it)
1) How many of you are keeping Lepidodactylus lugubris?
2) Would enough people be able to send me a picture of your L. lugubris via e-mail and a fairly recently shedded skin?
3) Would it be possible to gather enough material from several clone lineages from several continents?

It is a general idea I am playing with. It would be easy to gather some material from germany, but I am more interested into world wide collected material, where all of you come into play.

Please fleet free to comment critisize, or give me hints on how to manage such a project.
(The financial aspect for the genetic analyses will not be a problem )