Shedding Issues?

  1. Bebear43
    Hi, I got my Leo yesterday morning and my seller informed me that she looked like she was going into shed. Sure enough, when I got her she was very pale and already, the skin around the areas where her tail and back legs connect to her body was already starting to peel. I was hoping that since the skin was lifting she would be able to remove most of it by the next morning. However, she still has not progressed any further. Itís been well over 24 hours since she started and Iím just a bit concerned. I have a moist hide set up on both the warm and cool sides of her terrarium now to see if heating was the issue within the humid hide. Everything Iíve seen with shedding issues is only when they have bits and pieces left but she has most of her shed still on but I feel like she should have gotten the majority of her old skin off by now. Does anyone have any advice? Should I put her in a bath/try to help her remove some of the skin?

    By the way, she is almost 8 months old at this point.
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