Leo biting itself!! Please help!!

  1. Sandal3660
    Hey everyone. I'm new here and decided to post, because my Leo has been biting himself recently.
    He is about a year old. I've had him for 6 months. He's in a 115 liter tank alone. His substrate is this dirt kind of thing. He's tank is about 33 degrees Celsius. He weighs 62grams and is eating well.
    For some reason he's been biting his tail the past few days. Nothing too bad, but he's still doing it. A few weeks ago he did it, but I wasn't sure it was himself biting him, because it kinda looks just like some of his skin has shed off. But it went away, and therefore I assumed it was him shedding. This time though, I caught him biting his tail. He was bleeding a little, but not too bad. I feed him mealworms at least five times a week, and he always has food in his dish, and water too. Am I doing something wrong? He generally seems happy, and I can handle him with no struggle.

    Please help me, I really wanna make sure I'm caring for him the right way.
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