Unplanned Baby

  1. nathair68
    Because someone was going to release her outside or flush her, I've "inherited" an albino leopard gecko ~ Ecko: age undetermined. All my babies are rescues, but she's my 1st reptile & all "care info" found online or given by pet store staff is confusing/conflicting.
    Her tank has a rock to hide in, a small dish for calcium powder, ceramic water dish & calcium fortified reptile sand.
    Her shed the other night was hard on her compared to the other ones. I've read about misting geckos and a moist hide, but the the pet store staff say it's not needed so long as she has something to rub on. After seeing what she went through this shed, I know I need to do something different. I sat up with her all night.
    I love this little one & need help to give a home best for her health & happiness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. dragonlady
    Hi, congrats on the baby. My advise to you is ditch the sand asap! The gecko could eat it and get a blockage which could kill her. I would go with newspaper or paper towel. It is in my experience that a humid hide is needed for any leo misting them is ok for a while but I would worry about it long term. The humid hide is easy to make, take a tuperware bowl and cut a hole in the top or side depending on how tall it is. I use ecoearth in my humid hides it holds the humidity very well. You could also use moss or cypress chips. I don't like the cypress chips my self but it is up to you. Good luck with your baby.
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