Weird string on my geckoís tail (PLEASE HELP)

  1. Jermaine
    There is this gecko of which I had adopted from the SPCA a few days ago, it seemed healthy (ish) and was abit skinny, but it was still alert when you pick it up and all. It was abandoned by its previous owner along with about 20 others in plastic cups. The SPCA said the gecko is fine overall, just needs a good home, some food to boot him up, and he should be all fine and back to ideal weight in a few months or so. And now I donít know why, but after a few days here, I noticed this weird string like thing sticking out of his tail, and I have never seen anything like it. Heís never had it until now, so itís quite sudden I presume. When I try touching that string like thing, the gecko seems to flinch and pull away as if itís hurting him, so I have no idea what to do nor what that is, so if anyone is out there and knows what it is/ what to do pleasseee pleaaseee reply to me ASAP, And please help.
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