Lighting and heating

  1. Mystical
    I have a ten gal tank that's set up with a under tank heater on one side. I also got a clamp light with a 75 wtt red light that is heating her rock on the warm side of her tank too. This is my first time useing this light but I was told since I have the ac on in the house the tank heater was not enough for her. They told me to keep it on during the day and off at night???:feedback
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  2. Kristygecko1
    Do you have a thermometer in your tank? If you do make sure your temp is around 80-90. I'm new to this group so I hope no one minds I commented. �� I have had my Leo for around 8 months and have read almost everything you can . So I'm going what I've experienced and read. My tank is a 45 long so my setup is a bit different then yours. I use a red bulb for night and a white for day. I hope I helped
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