Hey guys im in need of help ASAP

  1. Joe Burris
    Joe Burris
    Ive had my leopard gecko for about 3 months now and he looks completely fine he has a nice plump tail his colors are amazing and has a nice plump body and full stomach. Im worried because ive not seen much growth since i got him. he is 15 grams and 6 inches long. He doesnt look underweight and is active and alert. i give him the right supplements and the right food like crickets and mealworms.he has good heating and lighting. He is very picky and i cant seem to get a regular feeding schedule for him. ive tried the method of cutting the head off the food and letting him lick it and he takes the food right away. His poop is nice and solid. He lives in a ten gallon terrarium and has a humid hide and plenty of other plants, caves, etc. I cant seem to get him to grow. he has no problem with his sheds. ive done lots of research and cant seem to find an answer. i got him from a trustworthy well kept small pet store. Could someone please help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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