Not sticking to glass

  1. Stantongeckos2021
    I got a giant day gecko a little over a week ago and spend a lot of time watching him and monitoring temp and humidity levels. I noticed the bottom of tank filling with water so removed gecko and cleaned tank with zoo med wipe out 1. While tank was empty I also added my new reptirain misting system. When I returned the gecko to his tank he ran across his elevated feeding rock and to the back of the tank where he tried to climb the glass over and over but kept slipping down. It's been almost 3 days and still no change. I have seen him on the glass like 2 times but then when he goes to walk he slides down. Is this from shedding because only other parts that may or may not show signs of shedding he has had since I bought him 2 weeks ago. They are yellowish spots one on his neck and the other on his side. Is my gecko broken or will this pass and he can walk on glass again?
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