Breeding/Compatibility question.

  1. Samboozle
    I had my geckos for about 22 days now. The first couple of weeks the male kept chasing the female constantly. On the first day I had them, I came home only to find that the female's skin was "damaged" near her neck. I had posted some pics on Day Gecko section. It got me thinking that the pair was possibly breeding? Just up til a week ago, the male was chasing the female around. I thought the male had given up but he went to the other side of the cage after being near to the female and then he turned around only to sneak up and trying to mount on the female. Basically trying to outsmart her. My geckos are pretty decent size now. The male is about 8 inches and the female is 7 1/2 inches. I know it's a little young for them to breed but in the future, how do I know if they're ever going to breed? I'm a first time gecko owner! Any advice is appreciated!
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    Hello Samboozle:

    From what you are describing it sounds like they are breeding! The only issue is if the male is continually breeding her or trying to breed her she can suffer from excessive stress syndrome. If not corrected excessive stress syndrome can lead to death. Although some males can be rough breeders typically they will not rip the skin. Usually you can tell breeding occurred because the skin around the female’s neck is a bit scuffed but not torn open. I suggest that you consider separating them to give the female a break from the male's advances. Please keep in touch with your progress.

    All the best, Jon
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  3. Samboozle
    Thanks Jon! I will definitely keep you guys updated
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    Checking in. It has been awhile. Any eggs and hatchlings yet?

    Cheers, Jon
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