I am wondering if i should purchase the arcadia Jungle Dawn LED

I get these are for plant growth. But are they beneficial to gecko's wellbeing to? Naturally i already have correct temps and UVB in place. They are to be placed on top on Exo terra. Some have plants but some have not. I have the following setups:

1: I have a lot of Micro Gekko's, like Great Cave gekko's, Lygodactylus Conraui etc. There viv's are 45 cm high.

2: Also Great helmeted gekko (exo terra 30 cm high)

3: Also i have Madagascar Giant Gekko (Viv 60 cm high. Will be 90 cm once they reach maturity)

Mostly i worry about:

There eyes. Yes the lights are on top but a lot of time they sit of the glass. So 1 is IS looking directly to the top of the viv. This is also true of UVB and heat lamps. But Jungle dawn is a lot brighter then all together...

Second worry is for to much exosure to rays... I mean in the wild how many hours to they spent in direct sunight? I mean they would seek some light to warm up but most of a wild gekko's life is spent hidden away or chasing insects under the leaves.

They are gekko's who spent most of there time hidden. Unike for instance bearded dragons who do benefit from tons sun exposure. But i would spent my life like a bearded dragon i have skin cancer in no time...

I don't really trust the labels the producer puts on the product. They are here to sell, sell, sell and sell some more. So i am looking for some reall insight here. Not a repeat of what i can find on the packaging.