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Thread: Canned crickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryL View Post
    Liz tried an experiment where she put 16 mealworms in his dish. He ate 15 of them in about 5 minutes. He looked at the 16th one but then walked away. Though the next day he pooped 5 undigested mealworms back out. She has been keeping him at 8 mealworms a day since then.

    Thank you for designing a menu for Toothless. Currently we have a jar of Zoo Med Reptivite Multivitamin with D3 and a jar of Zoo Med Repti Calcium without D3. She alternates dusting with the two. The mealworms are being gut-loaded with vegetables from your list and also dandelion flowers. We buy the mealworms from Petco, though she also has a container with about 30 beetles hatched from the mealworms. We were hoping they'd breed to make new mealworms but so far it has been about 2 months and no luck.

    We have a "mountain" on the cool side of his habitat and he likes to climb up there to look around when he's alone. We have a webcam in the room to watch him as he still doesn't like to be out much when people are around. When we are in the room, but not close to the habitat, sometimes he'll go up to some place high and just watch us. I didn't know much about geckos and lizards before Liz decided to get them as pets, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how intelligent the little guy appears to be.

    The other day when Liz was feeding him mealworms dusted with calcium, we spilled some on his mountain, and he immediately ran over to lick up all the spilled white powder. I wonder if this means he needs more calcium than what we are giving him...

    Thanks again for taking the time to share all this valuable advice, Elizabeth. It's much appreciated.
    You're welcome, Jerry.

    You mention that Toothless quickly went over to some spilled calcium powder and licked it up. Toothless' Schedule 124 recommends light dusting with Reptivite multivitamins ONLY @ 1 feeding per week and light dusting with plain calcium carbonate (Repti Calcium withOUT D3) @ 2 feedings per week. That's dusting on Ms-Ws-Fs. Is that what you've been doing? If so, it's alright to more heavily dust the prey on Ws & Fs. Powder sticks to crickets better than to mealworms.

    An easy way to dust the prey is to use a tall 32 ounce deli cup. Add a bit of powder; add crickets or mealworms; then swirl them. Bounce them off the bottom of the deli cup. Tightly cap the 32 ounce deli cup until the next dusting day.

    If you'd like to treat Toothless to some worms that are high in calcium, try hornworms. Petco carries hornworms in 4-packs for about $10. Be sure to buy the small hornworms. Hornworms mushroom in size just about overnight!

    For link 33 click:
    Hornworm Care Guidelines

    Somewhere on Geckos Unlimited I have a link for mealworm breeding.
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