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    Quote Originally Posted by PeekaboosGirl View Post
    Oh, I guess I never mentioned his name haha! His name is Peekaboo. I think the brand of calcium we had started with Terra or something like that. I can try and get a video to you tomorrow. He's always been really strong and loves to climb - couch cushions, curtains, us, anything he can get his claws into LOL He was really kinda lethargic a couple of days ago, but the last two days he's been more energetic - he was even running around on the couch and climbing on me today.
    Good job, Peekaboo! (What a cute name!)

    Exo Terra is one supplement brand.

    Please pick up some new supplements today when you visit the pet store. Peekaboo really deserves them. Zoo Med's supplements are GREAT. I've been using those supplements for my geckos for years.

    Let me know which brands your pet store carries if they don't stock (or can't order) Zoo Med's.

    1. Zoo Med's Reptivite multivitamins with D3
    2. Zoo Med's Repti Calcium -- plain -- no D3
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    Hello! I've just come back from the pet store actually. I didn't see your message before, but I did get him some things. Exo Terra was the brand that we did have before. I got him some Exo Terra Multivitamin powder (which has both calcium and vitamin D3 in it) today - and Exo Terra seems to be the only brand that they carry as far as powders go. I also got him some freeze-dried silkworms because they don't carry any live ones. The one other thing I got was called a jelly pot - it's like a flavoured jelly that he can lick. I thought that might be good to get him started, since he will lick things.
    I can't get a video of him to you today because he's shedding. Some good news though - while there is some skin laying around in the tank, it looks like he has eaten most of it. Last time he shed he didn't eat any of his skin. I'll have to clean his tank after he's finished though - he's dragged moss everywhere lol
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