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    Talking New addition - Roman


    Our new baby is almost 3 months old, just want to make sure that they look healthy and if anyone knows if they're a particular morph. They have had a very good appetite since day 1, and we feed them a variety of crickets, mealworms, dubia roaches, calci worms and the occasional few waxworms. I dust with calcium Magnesium 4 times a week, nutrobal once a week and earthproA once a week and miss 1 meal (not in that order as nutrobal and earthproA will have 2 calcium dustings inbetween) We haven't had a shed yet although I think they may be starting to as think i can see it just where their armpits are, definitely explores in and around his calcium dish, poops every day, and we have had them just over 2 weeks (we haven't been able to identify if Roman is male or female as currently taming so haven't been able to look, and they are still getting used to being held).
    viv set up - We have a 2ft viv, 8" x 11" heat mat with thermostat set to 31 and we check 2 times daily with infrared thermometer, humidity is in between 40%-45% (I have drilled more vents in the side as it was up at 60% when we first set up, is this still too high?) I have a cool hide (he poops on top of this), a warm hide and a warm moist wet rock cave with sphagnum moss. substrate is vinyl flooring - no adhesive anywhere, although will change it to something they can dig once they're bigger. UVA lamp (Arcadia shadedweller 7% 8W) on from 8am to 11am and then again 2pm to 5pm, they don't seem to like it too much at the moment but will give it a few weeks. We keep a dish in there with a couple of mealworms in after dinner time just incase they get hungry overnight (usually all gone by morning) and we keep a fresh water dish that we replace everyday.
    I am new to the reptile world and just want to make sure I am doing all the right things.

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