Hi everyone!

I recently had a 40 gallon breeder tank open up in my pet room and Iíve been trying to decide what to do with it since I donít want to bring any new animals home at the moment. I decided that Iím going to upgrade my 2 year old leopard gecko from his 18x24 exo terra!
Ive been seeing more and more owners advocate for UVB lighting and basking spots for leopard geckos, but the more research I do on it the more confusing it gets. (If my questions have already been discussed in a different thread please let me know!)

Basically, I want to improve my leopard gecko set up technology wise. I currently have a basic 11x17 ultratherm UTH connected to a thermostat that stays at around 90 degrees, but Iím not sure that this is enough anymore for my gecko to thrive.

Iím still researching UVB, but Iíd love to hear some opinions on it. Is the zoomed lighting selection guide any good for determining wattage/distance? Any brand or bulb recommendations for a 40 gallon breeder? And Iíve heard that uvb doesnít travel through screen lids very well, if this is true how would I go about fixing this issue? Also, should I stop supplementing D3 if I get a robust UVB system going?

Now for heating. Do you think that my 11x17 UTH will suffice in a 40 gallon or should I get a larger size (maybe 11x23)? I definitely want my gecko to be more active than he is! Iíd also like to hear opinions on heat fixtures. Are they beneficial along with heat mats when controlled or are they harmful? Iíd also love links to more good resources on this if you have any.

Sorry for all those questions, as you can probably tell Iím pretty confused. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I just want to have a happy, healthy, thriving gecko