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    Arrow Need help identifying leopard gecko type?


    Hi everyone. I have a lovable Leopard Gecko named Gunther. He is a 9yrs old male. I've have enjoyed him 8 yrs of his life.

    He was bought by a friend of mine from a local pet store as a baby. She had him for a year and sadly lost interest in him. I happily took him in and included him to my family. He is a joy to have and love him tons. He is usually very outgoing, friendly, and goofy. He has one heck of a Only time he's not great is a few days before a shed, which we refer to "Gecko PMS" time. After the shed, back to his goofy self.

    He is kept in a 20gal long. Just tank mates. Has 2 hides on opposite ends of temp grade 75 cool side, 85 warm side, 88-90 floor inside warm hide. He has rocks and toys for enrichment and he does enjoy them. Substrate is Reptile carpet. His diet normally includes mealworms and dubia roaches. He does not like crickets. Occassionally he gets a grasshopper as a treat (bought...NOT wild). All his food is gutload and dusted with the necessary vitamins and calcium. He also has a small dish of calcium without D3 available at all times if he chooses to need it. Fresh water always available and changed daily. Sheds consistent about monthly and complete...except lately since not feeling soaks have been necessary. Poops/pees normal...although again, not lately since he isn't eating.

    In his lifetime, he has only gotten sick once. He got plugged hemipenes...both of them. He had a hard time and stopped eating or being social. Fortunately over time with force feeding (as he had started losing weight) and nightly soaks, we were able to resolve everything without medical intervention. That was 5 yrs ago and he's been great since.
    Sadly, about 2 months ago, he came down ill. He stopped eating. At first I didn't worry much, as geckos do this sometimes. But as time went on, he got worse. Getting very lethargic and weight loss becoming apparent. I tried everything to encourage him to eat...he refused. The time has come necessary to go to the vet. A few time I honestly thought I may lose him has he's so lethargic and his tail is very thin. The vet could not outwardly find anything wrong with him other than thin, tail mass loss, and lethargic. She gave him something for potential internal parasites (he did NOT like that). And the plan is to start him on Repti-Boost. If no improvement in 2-3 weeks or if he gets worse, will go back in for recheck and possible tests.

    Now, my question....even the vet isn't sure on this. Since he was from a pet store originally, we are curious of his type. He seems large for a normal gecko, but not abnormally large. So the question is, is he a normal sized Leopard Gecko or a Giant? He measures 10.5 inches (26.4 cm) from nose tip to tail tip. His current weight is 76 grams...he is visible thin (not bones out tho yet) and tail mass is very low). He normally has weighted about 90-95 grams (max 105 when he chubbed out some (he can be a piggy sometimes). His size suggest normal at his age, but his weight suggest Giant. (at 95 grams he look healthy, not fat) His current weight is within range for normal, but he does not look healthy and tail reserve is low. So, just curious what other Leopard gecko owners think. We are subjectively pushing to goal his weight back to around 85-90 grams due to he looks healthy at that, but would be interested what he should be for his type. If it makes a difference, his morph looks like the High Yellow (yellow with black spots but not crazy amount, white belly with no spots) but he may have a touch of tangerine as the base of his tail is dark orange.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback!!

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    I think giants are usually around 12". I have a 17 year old leopard gecko who, in his prime, was about 116g and he's definitely not a giant. I hope your gecko recovers. I think your target weight is reasonable.

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