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  • So you think its brumation my geckos are doing? The only ones that are doing it are the males. My female gecko is eating a little less but shes is still eating?
    :O now thats alot of morphs, not to mention leopards ahaha crazy... i bet your electric bill is through the roof aha
    Hola, thanks for visiting my page aha, did you check out my pictures by any chance??
    Hi im new to owning leos but i just rescued a baby a week ago from petco. He eats about 3-4 two week old crickets a day. I started dusting the crickets every day 2-3 days after i got him and the calcium dust has D3. I dust them every day with this and lately hes been pooping all mushy and liquidy. Is this normal or and i doing anything wrong. and before i started dusting them, he pooped normal.
    Hey. I'm new to the GU. Just tryin to make friends and fine out how to work this site lolz.
    Hi. You were helpful with my question of my gecko, so I thought I would see your page, than I noticed your AtoZGecko which I thought was very funny because I currently own an ice cream store named "A to Z Icecream".
    Hey Allee whats up? I just thought I come by and say hello to you and wish you a happy news years. :)
    Hi were so helpful before I thought I would reach out to you to see if you can answer a few questions for me. Cowboy (my Leo) is about 8 mos old now? I just posted new pics of him in the Noob section yesterday. I'm a little concerned about his eating habits (again). He's been scarfing down 8-10 crix a night as well as a few mealworms. Suddenly within the last week however, he seems completely disinterested in food. He will eat maybe 4-5 crix every other day. Temps are good, he's pooping regularly, but I'm worried about him not eating? At what age do they become "adults"?
    Thank you Allee for accepting my friendship request you seem really cool so I thought I ask you again thanks. :)
    Wow Allee you are very pretty nice to see what you look like lol I hope that your girl is going to be okay go get her a new friend I bet she would like that. ;)
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