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  • Saskia ~ For me for leos it is the length of the tank which makes it easy to achieve a thermal gradient. Never saying it is the only way. Too many inquiries to post ALL the ways. A 20 gallon LONG (30 length x 12.5 width x 12.5 heighth in inches) also gives leos more floor space to play. ;-)

    Does that make 375 sq inches of floor space?

    What is the recommended gradient for AFTs?
    WOW! I looked at your pictures and cannot even believe the difference!! That is amazing, you did such a good job of giving your Leo a healthy life.
    Hi Saskia ~

    Thanks ever so much for sending me these birthday wishes. I appreciated that. After I was hacked on Feb 1 my laptop totally died on Mar 3. My internet access has been super limited, until I replaced the laptop on June 14.

    How have you been? (
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