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  • Hi, I'm from northern Borneo in Malaysia. I have some specis gecko that i want to be sold out. If you are interested you can contact me via e-mail at tuluntokou@gmail.com. and if you can assist me for managing the foreign market, you can also contact me. Thank you.
    Hi ~

    Nice to hear from you! Sometimes I miss my visitor messages. How about PMs? I agree that you should post this on the forum for all to see. That is your best bet. Try to find the subforum which best fits: "Others" (for mourning gecko stuff), "habitat designs" (not exactly)?

    If I were a gecko, I'd love the tropical room you are setting up! Looks nice! Looks like a Ll to me.

    You are in southern Ca? Each year come June there is a huge NARBC--- North American Reptile Breeders Conference in San Diego. I may have not reported the title correctly, but the show happens every June. Try a google.

    What size are the goldens?

    PM me or post generally, please.

    Hi Everyone! I've added a couple albums to my page. The lil gecko I enjoyed in our condo on Kauai, and some pictures of a corner in the room soon to become my gecko paradise. I have been looking into what varieties of geckos are readily available and that would do well in my climate here in Southern California. Looks like leopard are clearly the dominant species available in this area but I was also looking into the Malaysian Golden Gecko. I am not one to search for unusual varities but I'm open to suggestions.
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