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  • Hi jordan7 ~ I have been receiving your PMs and have just replied to your message this morning. Did you receive it?

    Maybe check your settings for Sent Mail? Up at the top of each page you'll see your user name, then Notifications, then My Profile, then Settings. Under Settings go to My Account, then General Settings to tweak them.
    hey sorry if this is a second message but my sent messages says zero i don't use this forum but im interested in mourning geckos how much
    Thank you for your help on helping my sick leo, I've replied again in the thread and done everything you said that I can. Thanks so much :)
    I think a lot of threads were automatically closed when they switched the forums around. Probably have to be opened manually by a mod.
    Ok. sorry about that-- anyway, the leghnth is 30 inches the height is 13 inches and the width is 13 inches.
    Well there you go! Mistery solved, my tanks measure 30x16x7 inches (7 inches tall), so they are only 14 gallons of capacity but have enough floor space and length to achieve temp gradient because the difference in capacity lays on the height, I use shorter tanks with web lids because they can not climb, and I believe they do not take advantage of height in the tanks (unless one uses decor which I don´t)!! Thanks I was really concerned about not providing them enough space and the AFT subforum got me thinking
    One list for reptiles the other lists every other species and I have heard of a few people using it. TBH I get a head ache from everyone's own opinion on which to use. I have a well mixed gutload I am using and I keep pure calcium in my cages at all time. What supplements do you suggest I use for me leo's?I try to order everything in bulk too
    Best to post a picture of the wound and the gecko on the forums so our advice can be better.

    Generally it is advised to stay away from any ointment cuz of the possibilty of ingestion, Tyler. Leos lick most everywhere :)

    Best to use VMs right now......
    Hey hitting you up with a question again, I was looking through the Gecko health/ First aid threads and wondered if you had any input on use the Neosporin on gecko wounds. I have been using it for 8 years with what seem to be great results.

    PS you inbox is full again/still
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