Elizabeth Freer

Geckos ~~~> especially NZ, Aussie, Phelsuma; sandy ocean beaches, sea chanteys, Celtic tunes
March 23
USA: Oregon
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former "Special Education" Educator


My wishes came true! Most former vBulletin software posts can be recovered! 🤗

To find an interesting link scroll through Linked Gecko Care Articles, #2, below. Then simply click that specific link to find the text.
  1. To find the 100% Leopard Gecko Care Sheet - Geckos Unlimited click this URL: https://www.geckosunlimited.com/com...pard-gecko-care-sheet-geckos-unlimited.55211/ The entire care sheet is visible there, all the way BEYOND link 172!!!

  2. To find the separate thread Linked Gecko Care Articles click LGCA link OR this URL: https://www. geckosunlimited.com/community/threads/91177/ You will see 172 individual links. [Link 91177 has #1 in the upper right hand corner of the post.] (WiP: 11 Dec 2022)

    3. [ "Link" 506687: https://www.geckosunlimited.com/com...eet-geckos-unlimited.55211/page-8#post-506687 = ToC/LGCA post too. However, post 506687 has "Link 147" in upper right hand corner. ] :(

Oedura castelnaui ~ Lepidodactylus lugubris ~ Gekko kuhli ~ Cyrtodactylus zebraicus ~ Phyllurus platurus ~ Eublepharis macularius ~ Correlophus ciliatus ~ (Phelsuma barbouri) ~ (Lygodactylus kimhowelli) ~ (Pachydactylus tigrinus) ~ (Phelsuma klemmeri) ~ (Hemidactylus garnotii)


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