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  • Hey liz!! Can´t PM you, quick question, with Leos the rule of thumb is 20 gallon long tank for a single animal, however, 20 gallons measures capacity, and since leos can´t climb I was wondering how many square inches of floor space did an ideal tank for a leo had ...?? I know I am no newbie to this but I acquired 3 AFT receintly and I bought new tanks and they seemed to be perfect size for them (accordingly to the measures and advice given here in the AFT subforum) and they are bigger than my leos and my leos have more space but I believe I have them in 14 gallon tanks..... am I making any sense???? I achieve temp gradients just fine in 14 gallon tanks (maybe the environmental temps helpe me a bit)... to sume up, how many square inches of floor space would be ideal for a single leo???
    Why? Is there a HUGE problem? If there is, can't I split the tank and keep the females in one side and the other on in the other side?
    The reason why is that I don't know whether you are prepared to house all 3 of these leos separately. There is always the chance that someday your two 9 mo females might decide NOT to get along. Very hard to predict. What would you do then? You'd have to separate the older ones in order to keep them safe. That's why it is very important to keep your parents posted on what these guys need.
    Hey its me again. Sorry if its a bother but I got a new leo last night. I wanted to know the morph. He is in with two 9 month old females. He is 3-4 months old. I'll try to send pics if it's OK with yoiu, or if you aren't able to keep a pic in your box, I can make a thread. Thanks again! ;D
    Did you see this: Ghann's Cricket Farm :: New Crickets Are Here!

    Mr. Ghann, the founder, just passed away at ~87 yo.
    Tyler ~

    My inbox is full and will be for awhile. Sorry about that.

    Can you call Ghann's? My friend just got some Gryllodes at a show.
    I saw your post about Ghan's Gryllodes sigillatus but cannot find them for sale on their site just nutritional information, any input?

    Also your inbox has been for for a while so i cannot Pm you
    Thats pretty cool. Are you an Aussie I notice they are from their and a lot of the breeders are as well.
    hey elizabeth!

    Sorry for such the long delay, since i go to college, i wasnt home to check on her (my mom and sister were taking care of my leo!) I came back, cleaned up her cage, went to the local pet store, and was given some type of leopard gecko food/supplement and i have been feeding it to her two times a day.. and her tail has already gained some weight :) i know people kept telling me that i need to get better thermometers but i know her temps are fine.. also, i have been soaking her and trying to get her eye caps out as much as i can.. as for the crystalline deposits in her mouth, i have found one big one in her jaw, but it was popped out and just jind of hanging out of her mouth.. but i called the vet and they told me to keep an eye on them.. as i havent seen any in a few days. so far, i think things are starting to get better! ill let you know, and im sorry for not answering back... pretty busy at med school!
    :) Thanks, Elizabeth. I was going to PM you instead of posting a thread because I was feeling shy, but I went ahead and made the new thread anyway.
    Today I did a bunch of shopping, got what I needed, and made necessary corrections, I appreciate all the help and advice you had given me ( it took me longer than I would have liked on some things, but now I don't have to worry )
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