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  • Omg thank you so much for the help she was doing great but now she has gone right off her crickets and locust tyres feeding her them last night and tonight and she ran away from them. She has not been bit by one I am always watching her and the one she leaves I take out. So I tried her with some meal worms I've never given them to her before but she seems to like them PLEASE HELP

    I was wondering if you take your wild caught geckos to the vet for intestinal parasites or do you just worry about mites. I read your post about when you got your male wild caught flying gecko from an expo and wiped a bunch of mites off him with a q-tip and soap. Did you ever take him to the vet or did you just get the mites off of him and not worry about worms? I'm asking because it seems there are a lot of people more worried about the mites than they are about worms.
    hi, I just got a new crested gecko, and have a 1 year old, 11 inch leopard gecko, so i was wondering if you could tell me about them. Thanks,
    hi just wanted to know my gecko seems to be better, he or she isn't as fat as he or she was and his or hers tail is getting fatter like the other one
    Apparently, I'm not the only person "bill1988" tries to scam.

    I ask that this problem be handled and this "bill1988" be permanently banned from Geckos Unlimited.

    I was scammed already. Luckily not for too much money (a total of $108.50).

    I ask that this problem be made more public and be put on the forefront so that others don't fall for it.

    They prey on the desperate, the risk takers, and those who are unaware.

    I also ask that there be no assumptions made about how people can figure it out on their own. Some people somehow do, others like me will not always figure it out soon enough.

    Thank you.

    Hi, my name is Philip, you know me as Phelsuma-Lygodactylus.

    I'd like to bring to your attention a scam artist who is prowling this forum to take advantage of people who are looking for rare pets. It's basically a variation of the African "help me" scams.

    His screen name is: bill1988.

    He claims that a guy named "Cheo Christian" or "Christian Cheo" will be able to come through and send the animals.

    This is all a lie, and a scam.
    Hi Elizabeth... I've added a couple albums to my page. The lil gecko I enjoyed in our condo on Kauai, and some pictures of a corner in the room soon to become my gecko paradise. I have been looking into what varieties of geckos are readily available and that would do well in my climate here. Looks like leopard are clearly the dominant species available in this area but I was also looking into the Malaysian Golden Gecko. I am not one to search for extravacant varities but I'm open to suggestions. I suppose I should post this to an open forum for everyone to see, yes?
    Hi Elizabeth,

    Yes, female Coromandel striped gecko's have been found. Department of Conservation (DoC) do not see captive breeding as the way ahead, but have created a predator proof spot where some gecko's have been re released.
    I've had the privelage of seeing one adult male first hand. Very beautiful & very lively, fast moving and active.
    I wasn't involved with the transmittor trial, but I know of the peole who were.
    In New Zealand, we're getting very sick of poachers. A German tourist has been arrested in possesion of 16 Jewelled gecko's. A number of these were gravid females. Unfortunately, they have either mis carried or produced still born babies. This is only weeks after another German tourist was arrested with 20 or so brown gecko's.
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