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  • Sorry about that, Tylor. Hate runarounds. This is one of the preferred supplement scenarios: Zoo Med's Reptivite with D3/vitamin A acetate lightly dusted 2x per week, OR, Reptivite with D3/A actetate lightly dusted 1x per week and Zoo Med's calcium with D3 dusted 1x per week. Key is to use a D3 containing supplement no more than 2x per week.

    In the caresheet you will find another scenario using Miner-All Indoor. Way too much to copy here.

    Hope that helps :)
    I have not ordered Gryllodes sigillatus. Ghann's was the first place I saw them for sale. Do not know of other sources.
    Tylor ~

    Your ? was re Osteoform and Vionate? I'm pretty sure I replied on one of your threads. Please check that out first, OK?
    "They are deff are pretty group of geckos, will have to look into availability a bit more in the mourning, I only know of kingsnake classifieds and a few of the large brand name online breeders"

    I breed these northern velvet geckos. 8 subadults from summer 2012 and 4 mature males available.
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