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  • Matjaz,

    I would like a list of the animals that you may have available for the next Hamm show, most notably any goniurosaurus. I have a customer looking for groups. I hope everything is good with you and you are not working too hard and the geckos are good.

    Best Regards,


    Sorry for my bad englsih, I'm French.

    I would like to know if you will be at the next Hamm Show and if you will have breeding of Coleonyx elegans elegans ?

    I care 1.2 Coleonyx mitratus, I love this species and I would like to care many spacies of Coleonyx family's.

    I would like to know if you have some group of breeding ?
    Because I would like to have a group for reproduction, in the futur, but I don't want they are brother or sister.

    Thank you for your answers, Rémy.
    We met at Gekkoni day in San Diego and I hope you are doing well. Our camper broke down on the ride back home - the ground temps were close to 150 F... we had to put the Uroplatus in the refrigerator ! Somehow everything made it home though!
    Talk to you soon,
    Audra and Nik
    hello matjas,
    did you have anything new with your taylori breeding project , lately? modoki and i have only two beautiful and healthy females. the last thing i saw was the second female laying eggs. Did you have any success so far? I am asking because i´d be interested in buying some babies or a healthy male.

    Kind regards!
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