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  • Hello Ryan ~

    You mention in your sig that you are interested in all things MADAGASCAR!

    Do you FB? If so, you may wish to ask Olaf Pronk to be friends. He lives there. :)
    I have seen that you like as much as me and you are the Naultinus Canada ... If you could see us and this is my collection! Also I have a few for sale

    I curently have a pr. of p. quads and a pr. of p. laticauda. I would realy love to aquire a pr. of p. cepediana and saw that you listed them on your list. im also in Canada, Calgary to be exact, and if I could get them without cities all the better. So do you have any for sale or can you tell me where to find them?

    Dawn Dawson
    Hi there, do you have any phelsuma, particularily klemmeri for sale?

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