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  • Wow, that's not long at all. :(
    I knew they didn't live very long but I didn't realize it was that short.
    What is their average lifespan, if you don't mind me asking? They're really neat, but I honestly don't know too much about them.
    Hey, you have The Gex Files? I think we're friends on Face book too, haha. I was actually just admiring your mantids! They're gorgeous! :)
    Hey thanks for replyin back! I emailed Allen Repashy 2 days ago , but still hasent sent word back. Its strange, but also I cant log on from any computer. I tried my freinds laptop and it didnt work either. Thanks again!!!! Nice to see a familiar face!
    You are also a member of repashy right? I havent been able to get on repashy for a week! I was wonderin if you had the same problem or if its just me.
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