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    I have a leopard gecko name george and there is a green anole at the pet store for only 6$ I was wondering if I could combine them my cage is a 20 gallon and half of it is rainforest. George is super friendly but I'm not sure how he would do with a small anole...
    This is from my blog whats your advice?
    Hello Aliza for being on my friendship list you are awesome when it comes to giving out advise. ;)
    ps... this is banded gecko again. my e-mail address is: gerard_escamilla@msn.com
    Please respond to my e-mail address. and thank you again. If you care to, you can also direct me to people who can advise me. I appreciate it.
    Hi this is Banded Gecko from New Mexico by the Texas border in Carlsbad. I found a Banded Gecko recently, about 4 or 5 months ago. I have been buying tiny crickets but I have never seen it eat. It is still alive. I am afraid it will die. I found you because you responded to someone wanting to identify a found gecko, and it is exactly like mine. Should I let it go. I love the animal but I am afraid for it. I would not mind selling it to someone either. Please advise if it will become more active in the spring. Thank you very much.
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