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    Default Corn Snake + Sphag Moss was the best decision I ever made


    Few months ago I got a new tank for my snake. She was over 3 feet long and a 30 gallon aquarium just wasn’t gonna cut it anymore. So I got a nice huge one for her and she loves it.

    When filling the tank with her normal wood shavings substrate, I ran out and I had wanted to have some to spare, so I got creative. I have a big block of dried sphagnum moss which I use for my carnivorous plants (horrible stuff that always ends up with algae and mold or dries too fast, wouldn’t recommend using purely this for CP soils) anyways, I ripped some chunks off, mixed it with the wood shavings, and had plenty left over to spare.

    I never would have thought it would be so well-suited for a snake. Not only is the stuff one of the safest organic substrates out there (neutral pH, no dust, no contaminants), but it’s absorbive (which is why so many recommend it for use in moist hides), and best of all it smells pretty good.
    The lower quality, the better. Mine has plenty of sticks and seeds and shit mixed in it (awful for Carnivorous Plant soil, but great for reptiles), so it really gave it that natural feel, while still being completely safe.
    Now let me get to the best part- I can’t tell when my snake poops. It’s so absorptive, I can’t even smell her poop, or even see it because I’m fairly certain both the wood shavings and moss soak it up (sounds gross I know) and clump together. Bloody amazing. I have to clean her tank so infrequently because I can’t see or smell any poop half the time, and my snake doesn’t seem to be bothered or unclean at all.

    I would recommend using this stuff dry for any snake tank (imo it’s far more problematic when kept constantly humaid/wet). Plus my corn loves burrowing into it.
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