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  1. Geecko123


    hi. I haven't posted in a while but I have a question. My leopard gecko ( Citrine ) has gotten a bit big for mealworms, he eats 10 - 15 mealworms every other day ( he eats 7 - 10 crickets when I have them ), so basicaly, could he move on from mealworms to superworms?:scratchhead: I recently got...
  2. Geecko123

    New Name?

    I have been wanting to change Citrines name for a little bit now and was wondering if you all had any good ideas? the name citrine doesn't really fit his colors or his personality. some background on him: he is a little over 1 year old. he is a male super mack snow. he is a little bit lazy but...
  3. Geecko123

    Raising Crickets

    hi guys, my questions are, how do you start crickets? when can you start feeding them? what do I need? and, how expensive is it? would it be cheaper to buy them? the reason I want to raise crickets is because it is probably cheaper than buying them, they are one of the easiest feeders to keep...
  4. Geecko123

    Bubble Under Arms

    what are the bubbles under my geckos arms? I have heard they are caused by calcium over dosing, D3 overdosing, that they are just extra fat, that they are caused by air under the skin and that just some leos have them and some don't. should I be worried?
  5. Geecko123

    Leopard gecko personalitys

    I posted this thread so people can just talk about their leoprad geckos personalitys, names, morphs, ect. so I f you want to just post some pics of your geckos and explain about them, I am sure everybody would be intrested. for those who don't know, my geckos name (I only have one) is Citrine...
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    bioactive terrarium

    hi, I decided to change my setup a little bit and I would have Eco Earth as my substrate ( I have been using tile ) I would keep my background and hides ( I might change the cool hide ) and do you have any suggestions on plants and how to use Eco Earth, I also would like a clean up crew so if...
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    Is my leopard gecko lazy

    hey, I don't know if this is the right place but OI guess it has to do with my leos ( Citrine ) health so the question is, Is my gecko lazy or do they usually lay in hides all day? so Citrine is a 10 month old male super mack snow who is very close to 8 1/2 inches. all he does is sit in his...
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    first Leo!!

    sorry I did not notice I had a reply, here are some pics his age is 10 months old and I have had him for 4 months, he is, as of right now, 21 cm pretty much 8 1/2 inches.:biggrin:
  9. Geecko123

    Ideal humdity levels?

    mine is kind of in the middle. the humid hide is the hide in the middle. ( sorry, I have a very brightly colored camera )
  10. Geecko123

    my Leopard Gecko's enclosure makeover

    better pics.:biggrin:
  11. Geecko123

    Leopard Gecko Lighting

    I was wondering my cool side temp is always at about 68 69 and i was thinking about installing a light, the temp it would be set on would be about 75 also would she benifeit from UVB and UVA, I would also have it set on a timer so it goes off at night, I already have a UTH so this would not be...
  12. Geecko123

    my Leopard Gecko's enclosure makeover

    hey I just finished making a Great Stuff Expanding Foam background, I used some Silocone and put sand all over ( i made sure that it wasn't crumbly ) , I also put small snack cups and put some Aloe in. I am pretty happy with it:biggrin: ( sorry they aren't the best pics )
  13. Geecko123

    fake rock ledge

    hey, I recently made a really cool fake rock ledge and wanted to share it, here is how to make it. first useing carboard cut out a few ledge like peices and glue them together. Second use mod podge or something of that sort and cover the ledge with clean sand. finish that and then brush off...
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    hey guys, do you think my 8-9 month old gecko would be safe if I put a Aloe plant in a planter and put it in the tank, or are there safer plants? I just want some real greenery.
  15. Geecko123

    Merry Christmas Everybody!!

    I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!
  16. Geecko123

    Terrarium Makeover

    I have this hide but it does not have a bottom, could I still use it as a moist hide?
  17. Geecko123

    My Gecko Eating

    I got two clips ( they aren't very good ) of Citrine my leo eating and thought I would post, by the way it is not that dark its just it is too dark for the camera, so I used a headlamp, DSCF5241.MOV DSCF5242.MOV hope they aren't too bad:biggrin:
  18. Geecko123

    Terrarium Makeover

    hey, I would like to redo my terrarium and would like suggestions on hides and other decor you liked, I will be keeping the tile, I would like it with some plants and kind of a jungle theme, I will use fake plants to keep humidity down. here is what I have,( these were taken with a flashlight to...
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    Show me your geckos!

    why shouldn't I join in, Citrine :biggrin:
  20. Geecko123

    first Leo!!

    New Pics!!! Super Cute:biggrin: