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  1. Elizabeth Freer

    fish lady turned gecko lady in los angeles checking in...

    Welcome aboard, loachlady! Both mourning geckos & crested geckos do well with misting once daily in the evenings. Mourning geckos are pretty small when fully grown. Crested geckos are significantly larger. I look forward to seeing your pics.
  2. Elizabeth Freer

    UVA lighting? Vitamin overdosing?

    Keith ~ I think I discovered the source of Olimpia's chart! Scroll down this url to find it! Click here:
  3. Elizabeth Freer

    Linked Gecko Care Articles

    20 January 2023 - update Hey there, Geckophiles ~ This thread, Linked Gecko Care Articles, contains random articles that may benefit your geckos or add to your expertise keeping them. This thread is informative only! Most other Geckos Unlimited threads are interactive. Enjoy! Liz #142 =...
  4. Elizabeth Freer

    Klemmeri / Neon Day Gecko set up request

    PS: It's MUCH easier to prevent Floppy Tail Syndrome in Phelsuma than to correct it. I don't think Floppy Tail can be corrected. I suggest changing the bamboo against the enclosure's back wall. Place it an an angle instead of perpendicular to the ground.
  5. Elizabeth Freer

    Klemmeri / Neon Day Gecko set up request
  6. Elizabeth Freer

    Klemmeri / Neon Day Gecko set up request

    Hi Benfry89 ~ I recommend diagonal instead of vertical basking sites like some of your current bamboo. It's been said that vertical bamboo "encourages" flop tail in Phelsuma. I wonder whether Zoo Med still makes an individual enclosure misting unit called Zoo Med Habba Mist -- Automatic Misting...
  7. Elizabeth Freer

    100% Leopard Gecko Care Sheet - Geckos Unlimited

    You're SO, SO, welcome, Michele!!! I love when you & Donnie visit GU.
  8. Elizabeth Freer

    100% Leopard Gecko Care Sheet - Geckos Unlimited

    #172---The Art of High-Level Gut Loading . . . . . . Reptiles and Research Podcast 1 (Liam Sinclair) -- 2022 Published: 2022
  9. Elizabeth Freer

    Humidity and temperature setup

    I understand & see those options.
  10. Elizabeth Freer

    Humidity and temperature setup

    Does Rose have any long sturdy sticks to climb? I notice she has other climbing options.
  11. Elizabeth Freer

    Humidity and temperature setup

    Pour some water in a couple locations. The water "spreads out" as it's absorbed by the hy droton. Use something like a large diameter PVC tube, a "funnel" of sorts, to direct this water through the soil right into the hy droton. Otherwise, the soil will become soggy. I don't think soggy soil is...
  12. Elizabeth Freer

    Humidity and temperature setup

    Hi Katillia ~ Welcome to Geckos Unlimited! Have you tried literally "watering" your hy droton culture balls directly every so often? Not excessively so, just the "right amount"? 😉 For instance by adding a cup or so of water hy droton absorbs water, thereby evening out humidity throughout the...
  13. Elizabeth Freer

    vitamin a deficiency

    Silkworms eat mulberry leaves from that tree. Mulberry leaves are the only food I know to feed them. Right now my Silkworm Guidelines are not available. 😓 Our web designer is working to restore former links.
  14. Elizabeth Freer

    vitamin a deficiency

    Many messages & threads are still available from Geckos Unlimited's former software! Many thanks for sharing your modified drinking straw feeding tool to use with liquid diets such as liquid Repashy's Grub Pie. Did your vet say that vitamin A acetate (RETINOL) was missing from these geckos'...
  15. Elizabeth Freer

    Rare, critically endangered gecko making dramatic recovery in Caribbean--Maxwell Radwin, author--2 December 2022

    Gonatodes daudini (The Union Island gecko)
  16. Elizabeth Freer

    A Christmas Story: Starring Donovan Gecko (or "It's a Major Award!")

    Many thanks for sharing, Michele! Your contributions are ALWAYS welcome. 6 December 2022 was a VERY memorable day in Geckos Unlimited's history.
  17. Elizabeth Freer

    vitamin a deficiency

    1. Are you using this OMEM terra cotta hide as one of her humid hides? (click to enlarge) 2. Have you thought about feeding her dubia roaches alternating with mealworms? Let me know if you can try feeding her small hornworms. I have a link that shows Hornworm Care to prevent them from getting...
  18. Elizabeth Freer

    New adult leopard gecko not pooping much

    Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, Jasmine! You seem onboard with leo care and poop ideas. Did you already find my hornworm link? Here's how to prevent hornworms from mushrooming in size overnight. Keep hornworms in a small cooler with a cold pack changed out every 12 hours to keep the insides @...
  19. Elizabeth Freer

    A glimpse inside a gecko's hand won the 2022 Nikon Small World photo contest

    A glimpse inside a gecko's hand won the 2022 Nikon Small World photo contest Article's author: Erin Garcia de Jesus, Ph.D. Published: 11 October 2022 (click to enlarge) Researchers: Grigorii Timin & Michel Milinkovitch University of Geneva, Nikon Small World "This image of the hand of an...
  20. Elizabeth Freer

    "Reptilian Diaries" . . . . . . Frank Colacicco -- January 2019 onward

    #43: South of the Border: Back in Baja ~ We're going after some reptiles of Baja California! Coleonyx, Lichanura! Published: 28 August 2022 "The reptiles of Baja are adapted to some harsh yet stunning landscapes. The desert meets the Sea of Cortez, and is one of my favorite places on earth...