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    fish lady turned gecko lady in los angeles checking in...

    Welcome! Geckos are kind of like Lays potato chips: no one can keep just one. Remember that mourning geckos are parthenogenetic, which means if you start with a few you'll ultimately have a lot more than a few. I don't find crested geckos to be that difficult. They don't really need heat, if...
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    Klemmeri / Neon Day Gecko set up request

    I kept a single klemmeri about 10 years ago for quite a number of years. The setup looks pretty good to me. I'd say you should watch out for the following things: --with all that light and heat, will you be able to maintain a reasonable humidity? I'm not saying you can't, but offhand it does...
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    Humidity and temperature setup

    I use a hand sprayer that I can latch on and probably spray for about 30 seconds max. My oldest gecko, Spencer, likes to spend the days on the ground in his hide or wrapped up in some of the leaves. He spends the evenings on the glass, where he is now. I have a large enclosure with 3 female...
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    Humidity and temperature setup

    I live in New England with forced hot air heating so it gets pretty dry here in the winter as well. At the moment I have 3 cages of cresties, 3 cages of gargoyles and 1 leachie cage. They are all planted like yours. I mist in the evenings only and don't provide any additional heat. Everyone...
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    vitamin a deficiency

    Most silkworm providers also have a reconstituted food that you can buy that's based on mulberry. They seem to do fine with this. I use silkworms only in the summer when I can get mulberry leaves from local trees. Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Review of Zilla Rock Lair and Waterfall

    Gecko Time reviews 2 more Zilla products. Find out about these two items which have been field tested and enjoy some funny photos of what happened during the waterfall installation! Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Review of Zilla Micro Habitats

    As promised, here's Gecko Time's first product review of three Zilla Micro Habitats. Learn about what they're like and how suitable they are (or aren't) for geckos: Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Nicholas Voorhees of NVGeckos

    We always appreciate pictures of beautiful geckos, and what we saw of the NVGeckos really impressed us. Find out more about Nicholas Voorhees of NVGeckos and take a look at some of his gorgeous leopard geckos: Aliza
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    Gecko Time: How to Become a Product Reviewer

    Gecko Time takes a new step by preparing to review a variety of products provided to us by Zilla. Check out our introduction article that describes how we’re going to do it: Aliza
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    Worried that your gecko isn't eating?

    Here's a picture of one of my gecko's first meal in at least 2 months. Notice that she's pretty hefty. Geckos sometimes go on hunger strikes for weeks or months, especially ovulating females during breeding season. As long as the gecko isn't visibly losing a lot of weight IT'S OK!
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    Ceramic gecko and flower

    Here's another, featuring L. williamsi (electric blue day gecko) and the flower where it gets nectar in the wild: Aerangis luteoalba:
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    Terrarium Size Question

    I think the most reasonable minimum size for 2 geckos is the standard 20 gallon long size, which is a little bigger than what you have (you have a 20 gallon high): 30x12x12. A 36x18x12 is always nice! Alternatively, you can build a second level for your current enclosure. I'm including a...
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    Anyone else want to show off their gecko habitats?

    Gecko Time had a nice run of photo essays about the geckos and enclosures in people's house ("What goes on in my house?"). If anyone else wants to get into the action, I'm happy to run some more of these essays. All you need to do is to send me about 5-8 photos of your geckos and you geckos'...
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    Ceramic gecko and flower

    I've been making orchids at the ceramics studio. After a little research, I found out that Phelsuma ornata gets its nectar from a particular flower that has red, as opposed to clear nectar. Here's my P. ornata getting ready to snack on the nectar of the Nesocodon mauritanus flower (except it's...
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    Gecko Time: Interview with Black Night Leopard Gecko Breeder

    There's been a lot of interest in the Gecko community about black leopard geckos. Learn more about them in an interview with a Black Night Leopard gecko in the UK: Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Interview with Brandon Lee of Reptile Maniac

    There’s a growing number of bloggers providing us with information about gecko care and other related gecko issues. Here’s a Gecko Time interview with one of these up and coming bloggers, Brandon Lee of Reptile Maniac: Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Breeding Geckos: Are You Ready?

    Last week there was an article in Gecko Time about how to insure that your geckos are ready to breed. This week we present the companion piece where we find out how to be sure that YOU are ready to be a breeder: Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Is Your Gecko Ready for Breeding?

    This is the first of two articles discussing readiness to breed. In this article we discuss the geckos' readiness to breed and in next week's article we'll be discussing the gecko keepers' readiness to become a breeder. Stay tuned: Aliza