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  1. Alaina

    Ph. Dubia Owners!

    If anyone else keeps East african day's, please let me know, and post some pictures :D I'v never seen one besides mine and id love to hear what you guys think of them. Heres my male!:
  2. Alaina

    Im Alaina & This is my Collection (Pic heavy)

    Hi Im Alaina from London, England and i started a small collection of Exotics about 2 years ago. I got my first Gecko, Nosy, About a year ago, He's a male East African Day Gecko (Phelsuma Dubia) And on wednesday Im picking up a female Ph. Dubia for breeding. I'v not bred any of my exotics...
  3. Alaina

    Breeding East African Day's

    Hi guys, First post :D Im picking up a Female East African Day (Phelsuma Dubia) on wednesday to mate with my Male that i'v had for around a year. The female is small, i went to view her a few hours ago and she's much smaller so iv brought another set-up to fatten her up before introducing her...