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    ZooMed ReptiHabitat Leopard Gecko Kit Survey.

    I made a survey on ZooMed’s Reptihabitat Leopard Gecko Kit. I want to see if I can try to convince them to make the kit in a way where more reptile keepers are willing to buy and/or recommend their kit to beginner reptile keepers.
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    Future of Keeping Pet Reptiles and Amphibians

    “The authors do not, however, believe that keeping reptiles and amphibians presents a disproportionate burden on public health or animal welfare compared with that posed by the keeping of other companion animals. The authors therefore do not see any valid reasons to selectively restrict the...
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    Are pet reptiles "enslaved"

    What exactly do we “en-slave” them to do? If anything it’s us the owners who are the slaves, spending money and time on the animals without any real work on their part.
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    18" high or 12" high terrarium?

    I would go for 18” height, leopard geckos are very good climbers. I used to keep my gecko in a 55 gallon tank, which is 21” tall, and my gecko made me feel like even that wasn’t enough.
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    Experimental 1,215 Gallon Equivalent Grow Tent Enclosure

    Spotted Asia roaming around in her grow tent with night vision camera.
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    Gut Loading is Not Just Feeding Feeders

    I forgot to put that into the post, sorry I’ve made the edit.
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    Gut Loading is Not Just Feeding Feeders

    I want to tell everyone why gut loading is not a simple process of just feeding the feeders any food before they go to the insectivore. It’s not even choosing high calcium fresh produce like collard greens, bok choy, mustard greens, or dandelion greens. Scientific studies suggest that gut...
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    Experimental 1,215 Gallon Equivalent Grow Tent Enclosure

    Thank you I appreciate the compliments, but I think Esther Laue allowing her leos to completely hibernate plays a bigger role in their long lifespan than the enclosure size. I’ve been considering getting an incubator with a cooling option so then I can put Asia into a full state of hibernation...
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    BVA’s Position Statement on “Non-Traditional Companion Animals”
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    Experimental 1,215 Gallon Equivalent Grow Tent Enclosure

    Asia is typically in the rock hide that’s right next to the sea grass hammock, so reaching her to see if she wants to eat has been easy so far (she’s currently on her yearly fast, so she stopped eating before she was finally in the grow tent to live in it). If by present you mean not inside of...
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    Experimental 1,215 Gallon Equivalent Grow Tent Enclosure

    Hello, you may remember my post of my leopard gecko’s 55 gallon bioactive enclosure. Well now I’m experimenting with a grow tent as her new enclosure upgrade. The grow tent is 6.5x5x5 ft, 78x60x60 inch, 198x152x152 cm, 1,215 gallon equivalent. The basking area is a 4x2 ft frame garden bed with...
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    Heating multiple enclosures at once

    I use an Exo Terra daylight basking spot lamp and to control it I use a computer fan hooked up to a cooling thermostat. I have it set to 80F for the ambient temps so then the slate rock can naturally heat up to 86-94 with a hot spot up to 100F. I also have an on/off thermostat connected to the...
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    My Bioactive Enclosure

    Been posting this on Facebook but decided to share it here :biggrin:.
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    Homemade OMEM Humidification Cave Idea

    I found this humid hide on amazon through one of the threads here and I seriously think it’s overpriced for its size and shipping takes a long time where I’m at. So I’ve come up with the idea of getting a planting pot and putting a terra cotta saucer that’s big enough to fit on the top then...
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    ZooMed Repti Calcium vs Now Calcium Carbonate

    Hello, I’ve been searching for calcium supplements that are just as good as Nutrobal vetark. So far ZooMed seems to be # 1 here in the US but it doesn’t have a long stick time like Nutrobal...
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    Maintenance Diet/ Gut load Methods and Research Thread!

    Hello! I've decided to create a thread dedicated to the methods and research of maintenance and gut-loading diets for feeder insects. Here's some literature that I've read:
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    Help with Identifying Morph

    Before I joined this forum I got an email from the breeder that Asia came from. They said that she looked to be a mac snow but I just don't know about that. Asia was sold as a pet only at the expo.
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    Supplementing according to Repashy calcium plus directions?

    So I know it's not recommended here to supplement with Repashy calcium plus every feeding but what exactly would happen if one were to follow said directions on the bottle? has anyone experienced any negative reactions from their geckos doing this?